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Early Years

Early Years Leader: Mrs Thornton


At Kaye’s Academy, it is our aim to create a learning environment which inspires a life-long love of learning. We want the start of our children’s learning journeys to be fun, exciting and full of endless possibilities. Working collaboratively with parents and carers, we encourage our children to become independent, confident and motivated learners. Purposeful play and adult led activities, both indoors and outdoors, provide children with a wide range of opportunities. It is our intent that children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum where they thrive.


In Early Years we:

  • Create an environment which is stimulating, creative, exciting, inclusive, happy, safe and caring
  • Provide high quality teaching which is personalised, motivating and builds on children’s prior learning
  • Differentiate to ensure all of the children’s needs are met
  • Establish supporting, nurturing and positive relationships between children, staff, parents and governors
  • Plan and deliver a curriculum which is engaging, inspiring and meaningful
  • Promote excellent learning behaviours
  • Build on the aspirations of our children, their parents, staff and governors


Our children will flourish and become confident learners and good citizens. Through observations and assessments, we track the progress made by each individual child in all areas of the Early Years Curriculum. At Kaye’s, children will leave Early Years having the skills and knowledge ready for the next step in their school learning journey.

Reception Overview 2023-2024

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