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Physical Education

Physical Education Subject Leader: Miss Kelly Marsden

At Kaye’s Academy, through the School Physical Education Curriculum we aim to inspire a life-long love of sports and fitness and to ensure children understand the importance of its contribution to leading a healthy life style. By developing the key skills across all strands of school sports progressively through each year group, children develop their physical confidence enabling them to raise their aspirations. The values of fairness, respect and kindness are promoted and embedded enabling children to build character and resilience within a competitive environment. All children are included and the curriculum is adapted to ensure the needs of vulnerable pupils and those with additional S.E.N.D. are met.


Year 3 - Developing their ability to hold a balance.


The National Curriculum

Physical Education lessons will include a range of individual disciplines such as dance and athletics, with team sports and games. Through these sports, children should learn the skills of both cooperation and competition.

During Key Stage 2, the range of games and sports taught will be broader, and the children will also take part in outdoor and adventurous activities such as orienteering. They will perform dances, take part in athletics and gymnastics, and attempt to achieve personal bests in various activities. In addition, all children should learn to swim at some point during their primary school career.

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